Roberts Engineers Emblem
  • Project Facts
  • Location Orange County, CA
  • Completion 2018
  • Category Engineering
  • Service Type Equipment building and equipment installation including a MCC
  • Total Building Area 20,000 sqft
  • Operational Benefits Takes 5 years of natural drying and compresses it into less than an hour. Water is recycled and filter cake is ready for landfill.

Project overview

Roberts Engineers was engaged to design many water reclamation facilities within large sand quarries. On one of the projects the owner was spending more than $50,000 a month for city water. Working in conjunction with the equipment supplier, Roberts designed a grassroots plant to receive wash water, thicken the fine sediment and press out excess water which was then recycled back into the process. The result, after start-up, allowed the owner to virtually shut off the city water for all process needs, saving almost all the monthly expenditures on water. The permitted project, located in a very active seismic area, was complicated by the fact that the major piece of equipment, weighing in at over 350,000 pounds, was elevated 25 feet to allow for recovery of the filter cake.