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  • Project Facts
  • Location Eastbay Refinery, CA
  • Completion 2015
  • Category Project Services
  • Service Type Structural design, field follow-up, and inspection
  • Total Plant Area 3 acres
  • Operational Benefits Utilized knowledge of local permitting agency to assist in construction.

Project overview

One of Roberts’ clients hired a design firm in the Midwest which specialized in a particular process to design and install that process in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They utilized an existing plant design which had been installed in the eastern US.  Roberts was called in first when the design package was held up in review, and then, when the altered design was proving difficult to pass inspections. 

Roberts engineers worked with the Engineer of Record to alter the designs to be acceptable for the design review engineer, allowing them to get building permits.  Then Roberts worked with the Building Official for the governing municipality to determine acceptable tolerances for inspection, allowing them to pour concrete.  Roberts Engineers then worked with the Engineer of Record to provide construction supervision during the remainder of construction.  The goal at Roberts is always to solve problems and support clients as each project dictates.