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  • Project Facts
  • Location California, Arizona, and Washington
  • Completion Various
  • Category Project Services
  • Service Type Building modifications and equipment installations
  • Operational Benefits Increased packaged throughput by up to four times while decreasing required personnel.

Project overview

Roberts Engineers has designed many high-speed packaging installs for a major food processor in the western states.  These projects usually were associated with national rollouts of new equipment.  Two major engineering problems presented themselves with almost every installation.  First, the work had to be completed utilizing the least amount of shutdown time as possible.  Thus, much of the work was completed during production hours, requiring specialized designs and modular assemblies to reduce the project’s footprint on the production floor. 

The second, and more critical issue was the requirement to significantly modify the existing buildings to support large equipment never imagined when the buildings were initially designed.  Also, product flow completely changed requiring large openings in load bearing walls.  These projects were also permitted, which required drawings and calculations suitable for review by plan check engineers.  Over the years, major modifications to the existing buildings have been designed and built allowing the company to reduce manpower in their packaging departments by approximately 80%.