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  • Project Facts
  • Location Salinas, CA
  • Completion 2019
  • Category Project Services
  • Service Type Piping design and detailing
  • Total Building Area 25,000 sqft
  • Operational Benefits Redesigned piping system to utilize gravity flow which eliminated many high horsepower pumps making the overall process more efficient.

Project overview

Roberts Engineers was designing a multileveled process structure with many pumps pumping material up and over into the various pieces of equipment.  At a design review meeting, the owner decided to eliminate most of the pumps and wanted a majority of the piping, both plastic and steel, to be sloped.

Roberts Engineers proceeded to redesign the piping sloping 5 levels of process piping as requested.  The buildout was done with almost no questions or problems during the piping installation.  The result was a process which allowed gravity to do much of the “pumping” for free.