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  • Project Facts
  • Location Western States
  • Completion Various
  • Category Project Services
  • Service Type Structural reviews, modifications, and repairs
  • Operational Benefits Take existing structures and upgrade them to meet appropriate standards allowing owners additional years of use without the major investment of a new building.

Project overview

One of Roberts Engineer’s food processing clients resided in a large old warehouse building built with a steel column and beam framing system with concrete tilt up walls.  After years of daily wash downs, the tubular columns started showing holes in some of the columns near the floor.  Roberts was engaged to do testing on all of the columns to determine the actual wall thickness of each column. 

Roberts completed the testing, while the plant was active, and produced a report outlining the current status of each column and what, if any, modifications were required to return that column to full strength.  One of Roberts’ preferred contractors was then hired to go and repair each column.  They repaired the columns, mostly while the plant was operational, to minimize impacting production.  The result was a completely refurbished column system, giving the building added useful life, at a fraction of the cost of either replacing the affected columns or replacing the building, all while producing product.