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Working predominately in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical; Building Materials and Food & Beverage Industries, we feel our clients are the backbone of our nation. It is for this reason we strive to see our clients succeed, not only in the immediate term but well into the future.

At Roberts Engineers we believe it is through partnering with our clients and by understanding their business and what they are wanting to achieve that true success is possible.

Over our 43-year history in the engineering business we have seen this lead to mutual success as we help our clients succeed and grow, through our unique small team approach and innovative solutions.

‘Teamwork Reimagined’ is not just our corporate motto, it is our core philosophy and is instilled in all we do.

How we support you

Our aim is to provide you with the benefits of single-source service, expertise and responsibility without the high overhead and potential frustrations of working with multiple contractors, or a large inefficient service provider.”

We work with you to ensure you have the solution you need to meet your end goal.

Our flexible operating structure and depth of resources simplify your decisions with respect to project execution.

1. Augment your in-house capabilities

Our Approach - In-house

2. Provide a full Turnkey Solution

Our Approach - Turnkey Solution

Under a master services agreement you can decide to augment your own in-house capabilities with key players; hiring a self-directed multi-discipline engineering and project management team (located onsite or in our office), or you can outsource the design, build and start-up responsibility for your ongoing project needs.

All of this can be done through your personal master services contract representative.

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, one call to your representative will start the process you want. You are in control!

Want to understand how we can support your individual project?

Contact one of our dedicated account representatives and we would be happy to discuss and understand your individual project needs and talk through how we can support you.   

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